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Welcome to Satoshi's Beach!

This game is free and provably fair: A SHA-256 signature of the list of prizes is shown to you prior to play. It can be solved without the factor of luck.

  • Enter your wallet address and solve captcha
  • Reveal 3 squares to win the prizes inside
  • Find the 3 highest possible prizes and win the jackpot of 70,000 satoshi!
  • Payments will be made to your faucetbox account.
Find the highest prizes and win the Jackpot!
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Prize   Total Odds
70,000SATJACKPOT1 : 2,024
200-500SAT11 : 24
130-200SAT21 : 12
110-130SAT31 : 8
70-110SAT41 : 6
60-70SAT61 : 4
50-60SAT81 : 3

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